What is a Team?

A team is a group of people, all working together for a common cause. Everyone on the team gets a personal fundraising page with the click of a button. We make it quick and easy to join a team and even easier to tell your friends about it.    

How to Create a Team:

  1. Click on the register now button for the your event location, pick your race category and click next step.
  2. Under the Set Up Your Fundraiser Section, 
    1. Team Captains, choose Create a Team.
    2. Team Members, choose Join a Team and choose the team you want to join.

What do I do after I join a team?

While registering, make sure to select the team during the registration process.   You’ll instantly have your own Fundraising page that you can personalize. Once your Fundraising page looks compelling, ask everyone you know to donate and help spread the word about the fundraiser. This is viral fundraising and it’s the easiest, best way for you to have a huge impact on the causes you care about the most.

Team Rules

  1. Team members can consist of any age and/or distance.  (i.e. If 10 people are doing the Dawdling Doodle 5K and 15 the 5K, it all counts towards your total team members)
  2. Teams can consist of 5-250+ people.
  3. Fundraising is encouraged for individuals AND teams.  The total team fundraising amount includes funds raised from all team members.
  4. The overall Top Fundraising Team will receive a commemorative award.
  5. The overall Largest Team (in size) will receive a commemorative award.


Q: How do I join an existing fundraising team?

  1. Go to the event's registration page and click on the “SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER” button.
    1. San Diego Registration Page
    2. Los Angeles/South Bay Registration  
    3. Orange County Registration Page
  2. Then, select “JOIN A TEAM.”
  3. Type in your team name to select the team you’d like to join.
  4.  Next you’ll be prompted to Login or Sign Up for CrowdRise.
    1. If you’ve never used CrowdRise before Click Sign Up and follow the prompts to set up a CrowdRise account and join your team’s fundraiser.
    2. If you’ve used CrowdRise before, login using your existing your username and password.
  5. In seconds you’ll be part of the team and can personalize your page with pics and text before sharing it with all your friends and family to ask for donations. 

Q: I already registered, but forgot to join a team!  How do I change that!  

  1. Simply email our friends at CrowdRise!

Q:  Where can I find more information about fundraising with my team? 

  1. Head over to the Fundraisers page and download the Fundraisers Info Packet