What is a Team?

A team is a group of people, all working together for a common cause. Everyone on the team gets a personal fundraising page with the click of a button. We make it quick and easy to join a team and even easier to tell your friends about it.    

How to Create a Team:

  1. Click register now
  2. On the right hand side, click Teams - Compete with your crew! 
  3. Click Create a Team.
  4. Enter your team name.
  5. Click the + sign to add the registration(s) you would like.  
    1. You can either register just yourself, yourself + family, or your entire team during this step.
  6. Select the charity you would like to fundraise for.
    1. Please note - when creating a team, all team members will fundraise for the same charity
  7. Enter all personal information, payment information, and submit.
  8. You will receive a confirmation email with links to manage your team, a link to your personal fundraising page, and more.

How to Join a Team

  1. Click register now.
  2. On the right hand side, click Teams - Compete with your crew! 
  3. Click Join a Team.
  4. Search for team name, or team captain's last name.
  5. Click Join.
  6. Select the distance/event you would like to participate in.
  7. Follow the rest of the prompts until you finish registration. 
  8. Please note - when joining a team, all team members will fundraise for the same charity! 

What do I do after I join a team?

  1. Be on the lookout for an email from CrowdRise (our fundraising platform) with your personal fundraising page link. If you have never used CrowdRise, you will be asked to create an account. If you have used CrowdRise before (and used the same email address) then you will receive a link to login to your existing CrowdRise account.
  2. Customize your CrowdRise fundraising page with photos, your personal story, fundraising goals, etc.
  3. Start fundraising.
  4. Invite your FURiends to register.
  5. Start walking, running and wagging your way to a cure!

Team Rules

  1. Team members can consist of any age and/or distance. 
  2. Teams can consist of 5-250+ people.
  3. Fundraising is encouraged for individuals AND teams.  The total team fundraising amount includes funds raised from all team members.
  4. The overall Top Fundraising Team will receive a commemorative award.
  5. The overall Largest Team (in size) will receive a commemorative award.

Q: I already registered, but forgot to join a team!  How do I change that!  

  1. Simply email us at info@bookthatevent.com.  Include your name and the team name you would like to join. 

Q:  Where can I find more information about fundraising with my team? 

  1. Head over to the Fundraisers page and download the Fundraisers Info Packet