About Us

Paws FUR Pink is put on by Book That Event, LLC (BTE).

BTE is a full-service event marketing/management firm specializing in running and walking events, expos, golf tournaments and other participatory events.

Lisa and Jodi, BTE’s top dogs, are passionate about creating and managing cutting-edge events, connecting with communities and getting involved with anything related to dogs.

Their passion for sport, canine and causes,  as well as their well-honed instincts for a dog-gone good time, lured the pair to start the Paws FUR Pink, benefiting breast and canine cancers.  Since inception in 2013, we have raised over $111,000 for our charity partners in Orange County and San Diego.   

Due to the popularity of the event nationwide, we are now offering a Virtual Run, which ANYONE, ANYWHERE can PAWticipate in!